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son episode A Very Supernatural Christmas. ... house, and her feet were killing her. About the only thing that ... g... The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy: February 2009 Agnes hears about it and rushes to Chicago to rescue him, but in the sort of deus ex machina dénouement that Micheaux was quite fond of, the actual murderer is discovered and Jean is cleared. The Poker House (2008) - The Poker House (2008) - User The house is host to degenerates playing cards, drugging, drinking and whoring. Sarah allows all the activity going on in the "poker house", because she herself is a major part of it. Agnes seems to be bright in spite of battling conditions to study in and is a talented local basketball hero.

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The Poker House - Nach einer wahren Geschichte |… Drama. Director: Lori Petty. Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Javon Johnson, Sophi Bairley and others. The Poker House - Nach einer wahren Geschichte ist ein Drama aus dem Jahr 2008 von Lori Petty mit Jennifer Lawrence, Javon Johnson und Sophi Bairley. The Poker House - Wikipedia The Poker House, subsequently retitled as Behind Closed Doors, is a 2008 American drama film written and directed by Lori Petty, in her directorial debut.

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The Poker House : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video Take The Poker House, a new film co-written and directed by actress Lori Petty based on her own experiences. The story focuses on three girls trying to survive inside a broken home, contending with their drunk, coke-addled, prostitute mother Sarah (Selma Blair), her pimp Duval (Bokeem Woodbine), lack of food, abuse, neglect and rape. 7M Pictures | ‘The Poker House’ DVD Review “The Poker House” is a bleak film about a teenage girl named Agnes (Jennifer Lawrence), whose mother (Selma Blair) is a strung-out prostitute. She is raised in a household where she’s infatuated with her mom’s pimp (Bokeem Woodbine) while gamblers, thieves and johns come through a revolving door. Urban Cinefile POKER HOUSE, THE: DVD Also outstanding is Bokeem Woodbine as Duval, the live-in pimp and organiser of the poker games that give the house its name. His abuse of the 14 year old virginal Agnes is the final straw that sets off the reactions that lead to Agnes carving a new life for herself.

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Her abusive (0:24) father leaves Agnes with her abusive mother, a prostitute, in a home that doubles as a poker (0:53) house. Agnes shows promise as a writer and stars at basketball. Agnes shows promise as a writer and stars at basketball. The Poker House (2008) Watch on Netflix - Best Netflix Movies Watch The Poker House on Netflix. Agnes and her two sisters struggle through a day in a home overrun by gamblers, thieves, and johns. Lori Petty directs her own story in "The Poker House ... The Poker House, which Petty wrote with David Alan Grier, is a true coming-of-age story based on her own life. Agnes ( Jennifer Lawrence ) and her sisters Cammie and Bee grow up with their strung-out, hooker mother Sarah ( Selma Blair ), a pimp “dad” and a house filled with gamblers, criminals and johns. The Real Agnes from Poker House - Tramvia Napoli “The Poker House” premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival to great reviews. The film is at once frank and heartbreaking, lithe and hopeful. Eschewing predictability and indie tropes, Petty’s film has at its heart the candid assertion that while the world can be cruel, good things can happen to people who need them.