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The GameBoy DS - Play Any Nintendo Handheld Game (Part 1): 6 Steps

Play Gba roms on a R4 : nds - reddit I'm going to get a r4 and I want to know if it is possible to emulate gba roms in it And if it is possible how can I do it? Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Which is better ... The DS Lite is more fit for you, and the DSi is more fit for your cousin, as it is described by you. You like GBA Games, she might like the DSi Shop. You already have a camera on your phone, and I'm guessing she doesn't have a camera. They are both perfect for both of you. That's why she thinks hers is best, and why you think yours is best. Classic Game Room - NINTENDO DS LITE review - YouTube Classic Game Room - NINTENDO DS LITE review ... the DS Lite has brighter screens and weighs less than the previous model but retains the Gameboy Advance slot that was f----n removed in the ... What is slot-1 and slot-2? | GBAtemp.net - The Independent ...

Eco-Friendly DS cases (No more GBA slot) - 3DS/DS/GBA

Anyway, before I spend the money on a new DS, is it possible to use the GBA slot to play DS games? I've read something about Superpass Key that sounds a little like what I'm looking for, but am ... How Losing A GBA Slot Will Affect DS Gaming (Sorry ... - MTV

The following is an alphabetical list of Nintendo DS games with a special Game Boy Advance linkage function. When the corresponding Game Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special features are unlocked in the Nintendo DS game.

List of Nintendo DS and 3DS flash cartridges - Wikipedia The GBA Movie Player (GBAMP) is a CompactFlash adapter for the Game Boy Advance. It supports playing music and movies; NES and Game Boy games (under 200kb) and Game Boy Advance games (under 256kb) from the CF card, and reading text files. Its low price and simple design make it suitable for DS homebrew. Amazon.com: DS Rumble Pak: Video Games And these days, if anyone now owns a 3DS which doesn't even contain a GBA slot, it makes this rumble pack virtually obsolete. Why? Well, since gamers will now be playing those DS rumble pack games on their 3DS's anyway they will probably just sell their old DS's or just keep them to play their much older GBA games. And why shouldn't they? List of Nintendo DS accessories - Wikipedia A North American version of the accessory was released following the June 11, 2006 release of the system. However, it is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL or the 3DS because none are equipped with a GBA slot. Headset. The Nintendo DS Headset is the official headset for the Nintendo DS.

Yes, there's a slot on the bottom to fit GBA games, also, that is the cartridge for Guitar hero. Although DS is not backwards compatible with GBC.

Does DSi have the GBA slot? ... Though it would mean the dsi would stay at home more, I play gba games AND ds games when I'm out and about, I swap between the 2, clocks games faster alternating ... How to run GBA games on your DS | GBAtemp.net - The ... How to run GBA games on your DS Slot-1 Flashcarts There are four flashcarts that can emulate GBA games without the need for a slot-2 cart. Supercard... DSi: Bye Bye GBA Slot | IGN Boards I've never ever once used the GBA slot on my DS. infact, on the regular DS I put a GBA cartridge in just so it felt comfier to hold and didn't get dirty. as soon as the DS Lite came out and it had ... nintendo ds gba slot | eBay